045ba265-0285-473f-904c-ea1e8798a4c5Dear Friends,

Chester (pictured with me) is our good friend and guest. He served in WWII and was a participant in the landing of Sicily which took place in July of 1943. Chester caught my attention over a year ago and is very dear to me. You see, my dad was there also in 1943. Over the years he told me numerous stories about the landing in Sicily, the march on Anzio, and the numerous bitter battles that raged in Italy.

Chester was there as a young man in 1943. He said that he was scared to death. He didn’t expect to make it…but he did. Chester and his wife visit Loaves & Fishes about once a month to help make ends meet. While it is an honor to be able to assist this fine man, it is indeed a shame that he is required to come.┬áPray with me that his life will be blessed and his financial situation will improve.

We all owe our freedom to men and women like Chester who unselfishly put their lives on the line for us.

Your friend,
Milo Reno

19561242-9280-47a7-b5f7-e3714047e4e5We’re excited to kick off a fellowship lunch for our colleagues, friends, and partners both working and retired. Please stop by sometime!

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