Saturday Morning Breakfast

Volunteer Nancy Agimudie sharing a laugh with Tia while studying God’s Word at our Saturday morning breakfast. Nancy is pointing out verses for Tia about the grace of God.
Consider joining us 9AM to 12PM!

feb828d0-9b44-4e1d-9f2a-4ea5ee9b1218“Give them an hour…it will change your life.”

Donna, pictured here with me, was excited on this day in early October. She was so very thankful to God for Loaves & Fishes. Not only did she appreciate the food, but more importantly, in her words, she was thankful for learning more about God’s Word. She shared how she was telling her friends to come to Loaves & Fishes, saying, “Give them an hour and it will change your life!”

Milo Reno

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