More room in the warehouse.
More room in the warehouse.

We closed the ministry the first two weeks in July, but it wasn’t to take a vacation! We were about the Lord’s business, expanding our tent according to Isaiah 54:2, knowing He will fill it. We knocked out some walls, allowing us to add an additional 700 square feet of floor space to the warehouse.  That may not sound like a lot but it gave us room for an additional 10 to 12 pallets of food storage and doubled the work area for our volunteers to assemble boxes, sort food items and prepare groceries to be distributed. Thank you, Dan, from Destiny Church, for your help with the warehouse expansion. Another partner of the ministry, David, donated his time to do all the electrical work, and our generous partners financed the drywall work.



The week we re-opened broke a record for number of families receiving assistance: 215 families received groceries and the Word in one week! There was a great response to the altar calls for salvation, restoration, and the prayer of agreement. Your continual support is helping to build the Kingdom. Thank you for your faithful prayers, financial support and continued partnership with us.

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